Our Story

Art Jam started 5 years ago when a group of WCSU students decided to host an event consisting of live music & art. Pretty simple, right? Soon after, a question was raised…

How could we create the atmosphere where artistic exploration was the focus? The photo below isn’t of the moment we found the answer but more a representative image highlighting our brainstorming sessions.


Fast forward a few years… the answer came in the form of a 3 day artist retreat and camping event nestled near the Atherton Meadows Nature Preserve in southern Vermont just over the Massachusetts border.

The goal of Art Jam is to allow attendees the space, freedom, and tools to explore their own personal artistic journey. By offering workshops with industry professionals, nature hikes, guided meditations, and live music.

Our events have educated over 400+ people, reached over 3,000+ with creative online content, and made countless connections in a growing community of artists and friends.


To learn more about us or for info on how to join Art Jam, contact us via email at artjamnow@gmail.com

Peace and Love,

The Art Jam Collective

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