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The Art Jam Collective

is a community of Artists, Musicians, Friends, Creative Minds, Explorers, Yogis, Comedians, Hikers, Nature Lovers, Music Aficionados, some Friends of Friends, & maybe You!

Annually we host Art Jam, where we invite you to experience 3 days of Workshops, Music, Camping, Art, Nature & Special Events.

We’ve have had over 600+ attendees in our three humble years, we’re pretty blown away. We are overjoyed being fortunate enough to host an Artist Retreat that fashions itself like summer camp with friends new & old. Our workshops consist of topics sourced from our community. The best part of Art Jam is the We joke about most things, live for the moment and prepare for the future.

We don’t take too much seriously, however when we do…it’s Art Jam. 

-See ya there!

Art Jam Collective

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